Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Gay Bomb, Explained

Before it was a book, the Gay Bomb was just a twinkle in some military scientist's eye...

In 1997 the United States military floated a proposal to create an aphrodisiac bomb that would arouse the enemy to the point of distraction, leaving them vulnerable to American offenses. A few news outlets covered the story when the existence of the proposal was discovered by a FoIA request from the Sunshine Project.

However, the story only gained traction in internet forums, in passing moments between friends, and in the mind of filmmaker Ryan Gielen. Yes, I am Ryan Gielen, and I am writing about myself in the third person. Why? Because I'm self-publishing and marketing my own book, and I'd prefer not to pretend that I have a well-paid staff of hungry young interns creating a tidal wave of social media propelling my book into the pop culture canon (third person resuming now).

Gielen has compiled every video of the "gay bomb" story into one place, so you can see the chuckling, dismissive reaction that the news was greeted with. For Gielen, however, the proposal sparked the idea for Love Bomb and the Pink Platoon, a dark satire of the nation's fear of gays, told through the viewpoint of an aging, tired general who thought he had the world all figured out.

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