Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: "Razor-sharp wit..."

Wonderful review from Ian Devaney, lead singer of The Static Jacks:
"When reading a novel, I generally judge it based on how jealous I get at the fact that I am unable to write one myself. After reading LBATPP, it is all too clear that Jealousy, that green-eyed monster, has its claws in me still.

In general, I read very slowly. A few pages here and there, I methodically chip away. Such was not the case here. Rather, I found myself staying up all hours of the night, my methodical chipping turning instead to more of a barbaric hacking.

The presentation of the story is fun and detailed, and breeds a curiosity that keeps pages turning. The hilarious detail brought each character to life in a very real way, and the razor-sharp wit kept me fixed somewhere between a wry smile and audible laughter throughout the entire read. It was almost exhausting.

LBATPP is a quick and lighthearted satire, bringing a smart jocularity to an important social revolution."

Thanks, Ian, for the kind words!

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