Monday, April 28, 2008

The Graduates Premiere

Wow. Last night The Graduates premiered to 170 of our closest friends- the cast, the crew, their families and friends, my family and friends... n2404803_34008676_7978n2404803_34008698_5179
Everyone responded incredibly well, and the night was a blast. We went from Cinema Village East to the No Malice Palace for the after party. It was great to be able to hang with the cast and crew without The Film looming... I felt like I could finally relax a little and just enjoy being around everyone. IMG_0111IMG_0056
The after-after party was back here at our apartment, where we cooked out on the grill and celebrated until we were all whipped. n800485_40115212_3757
Before the screening I gave a brief little hello, where I mentioned how I felt like making a film was a lot like making a baby. The first several hours are fun (yes, ladies, it's like that), but the next nine months are torturous, and you end up tired and cranky and, in my case, eating for two. In truth though, I love every minute I spent on this film, and it's incredibly gratifying to see other people respond to it so well.

Really this is only like mile 13 of the marathon because we're going to be traveling with the film, going to festivals, trying to generate buzz. And like a marathon I will be sweating all the way to the finish line. But unlike a marathon my nipples are not bleeding from the experience. Yet.

You can help us along this journey to the big screen- forward the link to the trailer to everyone you know.

I'll have more trailers and clips and other surprises along the way, forward those, too!

And thanks for your support. Hope you get to see the film soon, and hope you love watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.


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JellyKean said...

Awesome. It is a wonderful film, happy you had such a great response! Will pass around.