Thursday, August 16, 2007

San Fran Indie Film Fest > Ocean City, Maryland

Just got back from the SF Shorts Fest (and put some new pics up)... DELETED SCENES was met with laughter, and unlike middle school this was invited laughter. Josh, Brian, Holly, Jerry and Logan looked great on the big screen.

Getting laughs with stuff you wrote... it's like a drug. I went back to my room after the screening and wrote for a while. I scribbled notes about how to make The Graduates funnier. One of the notes said "make it funnier." Off to a good start.

Seriously, it was a great time. And the filmmaker Q&A following the screening was also a great time. Someone asked what I do for a living. I explained I make those really awful training videos with titles like "Don't Touch Your Coworker," and "Wear Your Seatbelt." It pays the bills. Some of them. The small bills, like cable and internet.

Someone else asked why I insisted on doing the Q&A sans pants. It all goes back to my previous post about creating buzz. Created a lot of buzz standing up there in my gerdle. I spelled that franetically, so just let it go. I don't really care how to spell gerdle.

I'm heading to Ocean City, MD now. Going to live there for two months and shoot my first feature. I'll be video blogging for most of the shoot as well as posting Indie Filmmaking Tips and Tricks- short video blogs about how we make/fake the filmmaking process on a budget of negative dollars. Here's a hint: we beg like the dirty beggars we are! People can be moved by a weeping, groveling filmmaker, they really can. At least, I hope they can because we have a biiig cast and crew following us down to OCMD to shoot The Graduates in like 3WKS LOL OMG!!!

Stay tuned, come back soon, and check out the updated content as the shoot progresses. We'll be putting cast photos up as well as the video blogs. I'm rambling. Shut up, Ryan! Thanks for checking in.


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