Thursday, August 23, 2007

Graduates Locations Sneak Peek

We realize we have tens of fans waiting with bated breath for any photos from set that might leak to the bloodthirsty press... Well, wait no longer! I've uploaded some pics from one of our favorite locations, the Assateague Market.

We could not be more excited about shooting at the market. Like everyone else we've met down here, they're extremely friendly, and I hope we bring them some good business after you all see the film and realize your next vacation simply has to be Assateague Island.

Our producer Caitlin Marshall found this little beauty. For those not familiar with the area, Assateague is a small island just south of Ocean City, and it's famous for its wild horses, hence the pony on the Market's handpainted sign. Hundreds of wild horses roam the island, living off of wild grass and injured/young sea gulls.

A little note about locations. I think everybody kind of looks for the personality of a location... Is it new and cookie-cutter, or old and weather-worn? Is it pristine and fragile, or cramped and moldy? Is it free, or not?

There's value in all of the above. The important question to ask is "what information will this image give to our audience?" Take this image:


To me, as an audience member, this says: rural, near water, nostalgia... "Nostalgia" is an important vibe at this point in the script- the characters are all psyched to be going to Beach Week, making big plans, and everything is fun and games. You could say it's their innocent period.

Everything about this market harkens back to the 1950's, and what could be more innocent than the 1950's? Aside from the Cold War, McCarthyism, The Bomb, Segregation and Elvis it was a pretty swell time. I don't remember MD in the 1950's very well, but the Assateague Market makes me feel like I do. Great location.

Here's the inside, where five of our main characters have one of their many conversation about, ahem, love...


You'll notice that there's a sale on both Arbor Mist and Tasty Cakes, or as we call it in Maryland, breakfast.

Rehearsals in NYC this Monday and Tuesday, locking up some more locations next week... Look for more updates coming soon...

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