Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pre Production Begins on THE GRADUATES

It just occurred to me: I haven't been to the emergency room in a while. That's a nice feeling...

Ten days before I directed my first short last August (still unreleased) I had a bike accident in Central Park and tore my ACL, MCL, and some cartiledge. The meds were nice, but it sucked limping around set for six days.

About six months later, a week after directing DELETED SCENES, while assistant directing my friend Tom's film, my back went out thanks to a lumbar fracture from an old football injury. I spent three days in bed. Had to pee in a cup next to the bed because I couldn't walk. That was painful.

Six months later we're now in preproduction for THE GRADUATES, my first feature. I'm crossing my fingers.

Funny sidenote: back in college I played football. Well, I was on the team. "Played" is a little misleading. Anyway, I was kicking fieldgoals with some friends before a Friday practice. Nevermind I was a third-string quarterback. We were seeing who could kick the longest field goal. The competition was heating up (I'm a little competitive by nature...) and we moved the ball back to about a 40 yard field goal. I take a couple extra steps back, get a good running start, kick as hard as I can, and... kick so f-ing hard I knee myself in the nose. Blood shoots everywhere. I start swinging, thinking someone punched me. I stop when I realize no one is within twenty yards of me. My friends, in shock, slowly start laughing as they realize I just broke my own nose... with my knee.

Seriously, I'm crossing my fingers.

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